Life on the Screen: Identity in the Age of the Internet

Life on the Screen: Identity in the Age of the Internet

Life On The Screen was published in 1995, much has changed on the net but the essence of the work is still relevant making it a good book to read in our time.  It merits buying, the section on “Making a Pass at a Robot” is worth the price of admission alone, plus it has as been Cited by 13216 works.

At play is the essence of identity in the context of the early internet, especially in games that allow exploration of sex, gender, and even species. Investigated is the experience of persona personified when limited only by the imagination, revealing the borders we negotiate in our conception of self.  This is more than a psychological investment in a social video game or social media profile, it is a tracing of the edges of what we recognize to be ourselves.

Further than how we interact with technologies that mediate communication is the question of how we relate to technology as a part of the self, what does technology mean for our “aboutness?”  What do the boundaries between human and machine mean in a world where we describe the mind as a machine and a machine as a mind? Tricky and fun to read about.

Here are some links if you would like further information. (to get the book at your library) link (nice run down of some ideas) link

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