In some levels of abstraction, we are living information. 

This line of thought is confusing to many as they are pretty sure they are made of physical matter and not information.  

It all depends on how you look at the world.

People, made of the stuff of the universe, are self-conscious amalgamations of matter, as far as we know.  

Our minds are transcendentally emergent from complex physical systems, so we are made possible by the affordances of higher levels of complexity.

When we think of us, we use the information encountered about us and our circumstances for furthering knowledge of the experience.  

Since when we think of ourselves, we are thinking of information about ourselves, location of keys, relationship to friends, and the like. 

We can not escape being information to ourselves and others, we use it to think and communicate what we believe, and all considerations are in the end information.   

In this view, everything is information to a mind made of information.

That wasn’t compelling, so let us try something more persuasive.

We can test software in programs that act like machines.  A computer runs a program dedicated to working like another computer, and that second program runs the third application.   

In some views, it doesn’t matter that a program (a process of data) is acting as a physical machine by running another program.

Our brain invoking a mind that thinks of itself thinking of itself means the mind can refer back to itself as an object that informs.  

Self-referential informational intentionality experiences consciousness as information of itself.

Since you are always information to yourself and others, it isn’t too far off to think of yourself as information.