This year I resolve to write better, clearer. So this means writing more often, which means having something of value to say. Where shall I find these valuable sources?

The internet is the source because it is so beautiful, I argue. At times its beauty feels infinite, an endless ocean of everblooming imagination. The flowing reflection of unlimited evolving expressed personas in digits, from everywhere, all at once, on the subject of everything.

When it comes to the web, the depth and convergence of ideas, impressions, memories, history, psychologies, and philosophies mediated on the cusp of the imagination require a precise nuanced language to describe it, to do it justice.

And that is the issue, the issue I see in writing on the net. There is beautiful wordcraft online, for all tastes, which rescues us from the feeling of being a drop in the ocean or being stuck alone on a rock in outer space. The communing with another in the mixed networked digital medium brings fresh ways of evoking meaning in an artificial sea.

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