Individualism in Information Theory

An article published by Santa Fe Institute has a title that caught my eye entitled What is an individual? Information Theory may provide the answer [0], and it is well worth a read for systems geeks and info enthusiasts. If one is interested, they can check out the original document—The Information Theory of Individuality [1].

To be clear, this is a kitchen table type of conversation, but you can read the articles yourself and come to your conclusions. So we’ll play with one of the ideas, the individual.

For this post, the gist goes something like this…since time began, matter advances through space-time by a natural selection like process on all scales. For deep mind-blowing reasons, some things or even something becomes you.  

In this view, individuals, including you, are something of an aggregate, entirely as a process of information propagating from instant to instant and formed through space-time, whatever that may or may not be.  

Since we are processing the complexity of existence to propagate information forward can be taken to mean something like the separation from the environment that constitutes the self is a question of measurement.  

The fun info idea, in my view, is that what we call individuality is a measurement of the action of processing within and of a dynamic system of information formed by space-time.

Not bad for space dust.